Screened out 

Being screened out means that you did not meet the criteria required by the survey provider and this is determined either by the answer(s) given in the survey or based on the demographic data given in your ‘Profile Surveys’ in the ‘My Data’ section of our app.

Quota Full

If a ‘Quota is Full’ that means that the survey has been completed by enough MSR users already. Make sure your notifications are turned on to ensure you get ahead of the pack! 

You may be ‘Disqualified’ as soon as you open the job from your feed or while completing the first few questions. We understand this experience is confusing and/or frustrating so we credit your account with MSR points for your time. If you do not receive
 this please get in touch with us.

Duplicate Answer

The survey partner suspected that you may have already completed this survey either through Measure or another source. 

Survey Expired

One of our survey partners, Pollfish, may have an offer in your feed which has already expired. If so, when you tap on the offer you will be ‘disqualified’ automatically and unable to complete it. When this happens Pollfish tries to find another survey for you to complete. 

If a survey is expired, you should be disqualified before you can even start the survey. However, if you complete a survey and then are told it is expired and you are not given any MSR points (typically 10MSR), please get in touch with us.

Hasty Answers

Our survey partners want to make sure that real people are completing the task/survey and that they are doing so accurately. If you answer questions quicker than expected they may disqualify you. Unfortunately we cannot see the timings or rectify this decision on our end. 

Make sure you read each question and answer carefully, just to be on the safe side!


This can either mean that the answer(s) provided in the survey had spelling mistakes or is illogical which means that the answers contradict each other. Make sure that you put some thought into the answers provided and make them consistent with your previous answers to prevent this from occurring. 


Some of our survey providers prevent the use of VPNs when completing their surveys. When using our app to complete surveys, it is advised to turn off any VPNs running in the background to prevent disqualifications from happening.