Written Instructions

1. Head to: https://takeout.google.com/ - You may be asked to log in.

2. Tap "Deselect All". We only need three data files.

3. Scroll down and select "Chrome".

4. Then tap on "All Chrome data included", from here you only need to select History.

5. Then scroll down further and select "My Activity". 

6. Scroll down to Maps and tap the checkbox.

7. Under this, tap on "All Maps data included."

8. Unselect on Photos contribution and tap OK.

9. Scroll down to My Activity and tap the checkbox.

10. Then tap on "All activity data included", from here you only need to select Search.

11.  Then tap on "...format" button, at this point, it should be called "HTML and 2 other formats"

12Tap on "activity records" and select "JSON" under history. 

13. Scroll down further again and select "YouTube and YouTube Music"

14. Then tap on "All YouTube data included", from here deselect videos and music-uploads. Once done tap OK.

15. Tap on "Multiple formats" and select "JSON" under history. <- FOLLOW THIS STEP.

16.  Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Next step" and then "Create export"