There are multiple reasons why you may not be able to upload your screen time retro submission. The most common reasons are as follows: 

TIP: Try and upload your screen time retro submission using your cellular data to see if it makes a difference!

Only having screen time activity for "This week"

For your screen time retro submission to successfully upload, you need your screen time activity to go back to "Last week" at the maximum. Make sure you are recording your screen time activity for all weeks possible, and if you are unable to go back, please wait until the following week when you have accumulated enough screen time activity to complete your screen time retro.

Uploading old videos

When completing our screen time retros, please ensure that you record a fresh new screen recording of your screen time activity each week or else it’s possible that your video will fail to upload and even if it does, it will, later on, be rejected by our validations team and your MSR points deducted.

Showing “All Devices”

Before attempting to screen record your screen time retro, please make sure that you are only displaying your screen time activity for the device from which you are recording. This can be done by tapping on ‘Devices’ on the top right corner of the screen time activity screen and making sure that it is checked on your iPhone rather than ‘All Devices’. If you don’t see ‘Devices’ on the top right corner of your screen, then this means that your screen time activity is only linked to your current device.

Displaying screen time activity by days, not weeks.

Displaying your screen time activity by days and not weeks is another key reason why your screen time submission may fail to upload. This can be changed by toggling to ‘Week’ instead of ‘Day’ on the top of your screen time activity screen. Make sure that you do not change to ‘Day’ at any point during your screen recording.

Running a VPN in the background

Running a VPN in the background whilst using our app can sometimes affect the experience with our app and you may find yourself being disqualified from some of our surveys or in this case, prevented from successfully submitting your screen time retro submission.