I've been charged PayPal fees

PayPal always charges a fee to users for receiving payment on goods and services. We do not know exactly what the fee will be as this depends on the location where the user is: US-based will be charged differently from UK-based - but this usually is made up of a fixed amount (at least $ 0.4/£0.4/€0.4) + a % of the amount received. Unfortunately, we are unable to absorb fees on behalf of recipients.

My payment is on hold

Sometimes, out of our control, PayPal decides to put a payment "on hold" - this is usually because one has an unverified account or the account does not typically receive funds - this can usually be fixed by verifying your account details with PayPal (normally this means updating your account and verifying your identity). If after this you are still unable to receive your funds, please contact PayPal so they can provide you with the next steps.

I haven't received payment

Our Paypal payments are sent out manually which is why you may not receive your funds instantly and so it can take up to 48 hours to receive your funds into your PayPal account. If you still haven't received your funds past this time frame, please contact us so we can escalate it.

I accidentally provided the wrong PayPal email addresses

If you mistakenly provide us with the wrong PayPal email address, assuming that the email address provided is a misspelling or a PayPal account that doesn't exist, the payment won't be able to go through and our payments team will refund your MSR back to your wallet for you to try again with the correct PayPal account. However, if the payment does go through due to the PayPal account being legitimate and the funds aren't claimed, this will automatically get refunded back into our account - but this can take 30 days to arrive. 

The wrong amount has been sent

In the rare cases whereby you are sent the wrong amount to your PayPal account, please contact us so we can look into it for you and send you the amount owed.